Campaign for Virginia Democrats
Viral ads to get people out to vote.
AmEx Global Transfers
Collaboration to create a beautiful animation explaining the history of Money Transfers.
CCFV: Porsche Videos
Both videos were created in collaboration with Center City Film and Video to brand and promote new Porsche Locations/Dealerships.
SKY Germany: Champions League Promo
OnAir promo for SKY Germany, for the soccer championsleage games
Qatar Airlines: Show Opener
Opener for a traveling live show/event to promote Qatar Airlines new destinations in the USA.
SPECK Cases Title Animation
Design and animation of titles for Speck Cases videos
Riley Animation: Deringer
Animated sales promo for a new energy drink
German Olympic Sports Association
Created animated supers and end graphics for the german sports association promo.
MSCI: Brand Video
Animation for MSCI, introducing their new Brand Identity, logo, colors, fonts, graphic elements get deconstructed and put back together to get people excited about the new brand.
Milk Boy the Studio: Logo animation
Logo animation for a sound studio in Philadelphia
SKY Europe: Schauinsland Reisen
Logo animation for travel agency in Germany for their on air presence
Thomson Reuters: gTLD Explainer Video
Design and animation for TR, to explain a product that helps protect your brand and domain online.
Thomson Reuters: Allicense Meeting Opener
Design and Animation for a Corporate Meeting Opener Video
Berlin Recycling Volleys
BERLIN SPIELT VOLLEYBALL imagefilm for the berlin volleyball team, sponsored by berlin recycling
Thomson Reuters: Cortellis Infographic Animation
Explainer video for Thomson Reuters Cortellis software storyboards and animation
Liberty Medal 2009
Show packaging for the 2009 Liberty Medal Awards in Philadelphia
Biography: Mellencamp
Art direction, design and animation of show -package
HollyWood Casino
style frames for Hollywood casino pitch
A&E Inside Story
Idea for show-open for A&E Inside Stories.
Comcast: Lobby Wall
styleframes for animation
History Channel web
Styleframes for animations for History Channels website, the animations are fun facts in history about different topics, like: The Cold War, Napoleon, The Berlin Wall and the Mayans
Extreme Cowboy Show Packaging
design and animation of all elements for a tv show
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