Graphics package and animation for Voices from Broad Street Ministry,
I Have a Story to Tell. In collaboration with FreshFly.
Including: poem animations, titles, promos and banners, poster and postcards

"In Philadelphia, the nation’s poorest big city, hundreds of thousands of people live in need of something – shelter, food, clothing, jobs, health care, family, peace. Every one of those people has a story, and for so many, they are stories of hope.  Opening Oct. 28, a new film series, “Voices from Broad Street Ministry,” turns the camera on individuals who share, in their own words, their aspirations, loss, love, and life experiences – the kind of stories that are bound to move, inspire, and provide perspective for audiences everywhere.
In films that are just a few minutes each, viewers learn about David Woods’ one true love; Chris King’s regard for and learnings from the game of chess; David Charles Garvin’s motivational self-talk; and Princess McGeachy’s musicality and family. In all, 11 guests and six volunteers make up the “Voices of Broad Street Ministry.”

Banner designs
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